On how to prepare your BBQ Bolognese Say Mercy Style!

BBQ Bolognese Kit

If you've been to Say Mercy you likely already know all about our barbecue bolognese. it was the first dish created around the concept of 'italian through the lens of american barbecue' and features a host of rich flavours designed to surprise, delight, and excite your palate.

it's definitely not your nonna's bolognese.

this classic tomato ragout is enriched with our homemade bbq sauce to create a sweet, smokey, spicy, meaty, savoury bomb. serve it up with your favourite noodle, a nice nebbiolo, and enjoy!

dinner kit components should include:

  1. 1l bbq bolognese ragout
  2. 500g cavatappi pasta
  3. 500ml saalga extra virgin olive oil
  4. 100g grated grana padano cheese

equipment needed:

2 pots - 1 for boiling water to cook your pasta, 2nd to reheat your ragout

*it's always important to have your sauce ready before your pasta*

nb: 1 pack of pasta and the ragout will feed 4 people. 

bbq bolognese

  1. on the stove top at the same time put a pot of water on to cook your pasta when it comes to a boil and a second pot to heat your ragout through.  
  2. turn your pot of water on high heat, season with kosher salt (you want it to taste like the mediterranean sea) and when it comes to a boil, add your pasta and cook to the recommended amount of time on the packaging leaving 1-1.5 of the final minutes to cook in the sauce.
  3. add your ragout to the pot, bring up to a boil and then turn down the heat to low and cover with a lid.
  4. when your pasta is ready, remove about 75ml-100ml of the pasta water with a ladle and place in a container to the side and strain the pasta.  
  5. using the same pasta pot put back on the stove top, add the ragout and pasta water to it, followed by the pasta.  turn onto medium heat, stirring the pasta constantly, allowing the ragout to reduce and coat the pasta.
  6. when to your desired consistency, place into serving bowls, drizzle the olive oil over the pasta and finish with the grated grana padano and serve.